Welcome to Our Training Program


At The B. Fit Clinic, we understand that your body and mind require a holistic approach to achieve optimum health. Led by Shane Boley, C.P.T., C.E.S., our training program uses five key components to revolutionize your physical fitness and thought processes about health:

  • 1. Nutrition: Fueling Your Health
  • 2. Resistance Training: Strengthening Your Body
  • 3. Cardiovascular Training: Enhancing Heart Health
  • 4. Flexibility Training: Maximizing Motion
  • 5. Personal Assistance: Comprehensive Support


Our program integrates five key components:

Nutrition: Building a Foundation for Health

  • Tailored Plans: Each nutritional plan is customized to fit individual goals, lifestyle, and body requirements.
  • Eating Schedule: Designed to maintain optimal body function and prevent excess fat storage by eating smaller meals every 3-4 hours.

Resistance Training: Enhancing Body Mechanics

  • Kinetic Chain Focus: Ensuring all systems (Nervous, Muscular, and Skeletal) function efficiently for better posture and reduced bodily stress.
  • Enjoyable and Effective Workouts: Our "No Shane No Gain" program optimizes workouts to boost metabolism and muscle functionality without overtraining.


Cardiovascular Training: Boosting Heart Health

  • Heart Rate Management: Activities that elevate the heart rate, strengthening the heart muscle and enhancing efficiency.
  • Customized Cardio Programs: Assessing fitness levels to set ideal target heart rates for optimal energy use and fat burning.


Flexibility Training: Promoting Optimal Movement

  • Pre and Post Workout Stretches: Address muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions to improve overall body control and reduce pain.
  • Regular Muscle Evaluations: Identifying tight muscles for targeted stretching, ensuring better posture and reduced injury risk.


Personal Assistance: Dedicated Support for Every Client

    • Comprehensive support to improve dietary habits, muscle balance, posture, flexibility, core stability, cardio-respiratory function, and overall body fat reduction.



At The B. Fit Clinic, we believe in pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations through dedication and discipline. Shane's approach is all about integrating your physical fitness goals into your lifestyle for sustained health.



Kick off your fitness transformation with our focused 21-day program that covers nutrition, personalized workouts, and more, for quick and visible results.



Join hundreds who have transformed their health and wellness at The B. Fit Clinic, witnessing substantial improvements in posture, strength, and vitality.