Discover a New Level of Personalized Fitness

Join The B. Fit Clinic and start your journey with a complimentary session where Shane Boley, our certified personal trainer, will guide you through a comprehensive introduction to our health and fitness philosophy.


Medical History Review

Understanding your health background to tailor your training.

Goal Setting

Discussing your personal health and fitness objectives.

Weight and Body Fat Analysis

Recording baseline metrics to track your progress.

Full Body Workout

Experiencing the 'No Shane No Gain' program, designed to target all major muscle groups.

Physical Readiness Assessment

Evaluating your current fitness level to ensure safe and effective exercise.

Educational Overview

Explaining the key components necessary to achieve your goals.

Muscle Flexibility Work

Stretching tight muscles to improve motion and reduce injury risk

Comprehensive Body Stretch

Enhancing flexibility and reducing post-workout soreness.

Personalized Training Recommendations

Shane will advise on the optimal frequency and duration of your training sessions based on your assessment.



After your initial session, choose the membership plan that best fits your needs and goals. Our plans are designed to provide flexibility and targeted results, ensuring you get the most out of your time at The B. Fit Clinic.